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Orc Slayers
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19 June 2002page first published

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For the final "infantry" type unit in our 1,000 point Demonworld Dwarf army, I wanted something that wold have some punch in melee combat. There were three definite possibilities in the army list, but I finally chose to go with the Orc-Slayers.

Four Orc-Slayers

Part of the reason I chose the Orc-Slayers was that I liked their background. In a nutshell, the idea is that an entire community of Dwarves is almost wiped out in a war against the Orcs, and the few survivors have banded together to form the Orc-Slayers Clan. When these "wild" Dwarves go into combat, they take large weapons and no armor.

When I mentioned the Orc-Slayers to Deane P. Goodwin over at Goodwin's Painting Services, the response was instant: "Dwarves work for me!"