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Robots [PDF version]
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Cpt Arexu Inactive Member writes:

I think paper minis fit fine for some things -- filling out mobs of civilians, for example, or for playtesting rules while I'm getting the figures together and painted.

I think we ought to be pushing paper minis where they would do the most good -- in the groups that would play with unpainted (or even unassembled) figures.

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After years of reading Magnus, Robot Fighter, I always enjoy looking forward to a little robot-smashing mayhem. Unfortunately, I don't own many robot minis.

Magnus, Robot Fighter

Fortunately, the good folks over at Arion Games were kind enough to send me one of their PDF's - appropriately titled, Robots. (Also available in printed form)

Robots PDF

This product contains fifteen robots in paper-miniature form:

  • 1 Repair Droid
  • 1 Hover Droid
  • 6 Combat Droids
  • 7 Multipurpose Humanoid Droids

The paper figures come in two formats: flats and triagonals.


Flats are in the same tradition as the cardboard figures I used for roleplaying years ago. You print the page, cut the strips out...

Flat strips

...then you fold it up in the A-frame shape (the easiest)...

Folding the A-frame

...or you fold it up to make a true "flat" figure:

Folding the true flat

The triagonals are similar, but instead of a front and back view, provide front, rear-left, and rear-right views.

Folding the triagonal