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6mm Sumerians from Irregular

6mm Sumerian Army Pack
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14 November 2003page first published

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I've been avidly reading about the Ancient Middle East for the past few months, with the idea of eventually assembling a Sumerian army in 28mm scale.

Sumerian ziggurat or temple
Who are the Sumerians? The Sumerians were the first civilization of lower Mesopotamia (the southern portion of modern Iraq), from about 4000 B.C.E. to 2300 B.C.E. They were a short, squat, black-haired people who apparently invented writing, which probably was a major factor in establishing one of the world's first civilizations. Their city-states fought constantly against each other and their neighbors. The army featured bowmen, spearmen, and various wheeled vehicles drawn by equids (donkey/onager crossbreeds).
Sumerian chariot

However, the recent article on 6mm Romans and Gauls from Baccus 6mm made me wonder - hmmm, I wonder if I could get up-and-running with the army in 6mm scale first? Seems like it would be easier to paint, and it would give me a chance to get the army on the tabletop and tweak the design before committing to a major purchase of 28mm scale figures...

And so my personal 6mm scale Sumerian project was born.

Sumerian spearmen

My first thought was to order from Baccus 6mm (as I've been impressed with their quality in the past), but they didn't have Sumerians in their catalogue. So I looked up Irregular (one of my favorite manufacturers, as it seems I can always find something in their catalogue that I desperately "need"), and saw that their online catalogue listed Sumerians. (Well, actually, it lists Summerians - but I knew what they meant.)

I figured the simplest bet was to order the Sumerian Army Pack, get a mix of figures at a lower price than ordering individual strips, and see what the figures were like. I'll follow-up later with another order, when I know more about what I'm doing.