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2 - Dwarven Crossbowmen Instructions

Dwarf Crossbow Archers
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15 June 2002page first published

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As I've mentioned, Old Guard Painters is an international company. My point of contact is Vladimir, the OGP manager - who lives in Denmark but is originally from the Ukraine - and the actual painter for this project will be Bohdan Pirgatch, who is located in Kiev, Ukraine.

For this situation, I felt it would be wise to provide as much direction for Old Guard Painters as I could. Therefore, I put together written painting directions, including sketches and photos. Here's what I sent:

Dwarven Crossbowmen Unit
for The Miniatures Page

Unit consists of 1 commander, 1 musician, 1 standardbearer, and 40 crossbowmen (20 each of 2 poses).

Basing: Do not mount the figures. I will mount them myself, after they are painted.


Chainmail/Armor: Should be steel color (not shiny silver).

Clothing: Tones of brown or grey.

Beards and Hair Color: Lots of variety - brown, grey, white, red, black.

Here is some artwork showing a typical Dwarven crossbowman (similar to figures in this pack).

crossbowman shown on cover of Dwarf army book


Horn is steel. (Below is picture of unpainted musician figure - horn is on right.) Armor can be more shiny on this figure, so that it stands out in unit.

I wanted to make sure the artist knew which figure was the musician


The banner should have a blue background, with the design shown below:

banner as depicted in army book, with my instructions added

Dragon on top of standard should be steel color with silver highlights.


Here is artwork showing a figure similar to the commander model. Please use this as a basis for painting this figure. He should be more colorful and brighter armor than other figures in unit.

Commander as shown on cover of army book

I was pretty lucky to find art in the army book showing these figures, and that I liked that particular look. (Actually, the cover art shows TWO crossbowman - I picked the one I liked, and skipped the one in olive drab.)

With the unit banner, there wasn't a specific piece of art suggested for this unit in the background material. Since this is a Gaeta kingdom army, I figured it would be nice to show one of the Gaeta clan banners - so I picked Clan Vanedhan, the one with the drinking horn on it. Colors weren't specified, so I chose blue.

(Curiously, the army book's cover shows a crossbowman standardbearer with the Orc Slayers banner - which seems odd, since the Orc Slayers have their own clan and unit. Or maybe not all clan members are in the Orc Slayers unit? Hmmm...)

The package with the figures and the instructions is now on its way to the Ukraine. I mailed it by air, wich cost a little under $8.00 USD and should get there in about a week.