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Chewie & Misfit4: Empires Second Game

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25 August 2004page first published

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The Second Game

We switched sides in the games (so Misfit4 had the Orcs and Chewie had the Humans). So we laid out the game and the tiles, and prepared to play.

Building Up Forces

The first turn was a building of forces. The Humans added the Noble Crossbow Archers, while the Orcs brought in some Light Archers. To end the turn, both moved out of their capital buildings.

The second turn saw both forces add a village and recruit another unit into each capital building, a Mob and Spider Archers. These units moved out of the capitals to end the turn.

First moves

In the third turn, the Humans became industrious and turned one of their villages into a town, and then recruited some Pikemen. Meanwhile, the Orcs built another village and recruited Spearbearers. The units started moving along the top of the map into attacking positions.

Third turn

The fourth turn saw a continuing of the building of forces. The Humans added a village and recruited Jorghan the Paladin. The Orcs brought in two foul units of Trolls. The forces continued to advance towards each other, with the Goblin Spider Archers poised to assault the village.

First Blood

Clash in the borderlands

The Humans added a village in the fifth turn, while the Orcs added a unit of Ogres and turned a village into a town. In the first round of artillery fire, the Mob suffered one wound from the Spider Archers. As the Mob and Spider Archers have the same initiative, they strike simultaneously in close combat. The Mob failed to hit, while the Spider Archers hit them for 3 - killing them! In the Move Phase, the Spider Riders and Spearbearers claimed two empty human villages. The other units continued to move across the board.

To begin the sixth turn, the Humans brought in Mounted Lancers, and the Orcs recruited the Wolf Riders. The town holding the Noble Crossbow Archers exchanged fire with the Spider Archers - the Goblins were wounded once, but were able to slay the Archers in return. While the Light Archers attacked the Pikemen, one hit was scored and the battle would be decided in close combat - with the Trolls joining in. The Trolls were killed by the Pikemen, but suffered a wound from the Light Archers. In the Move Action, the Spider Archers moved in to claim a town. All other units moved to assault nearby enemy units.

In the seventh turn, the Humans brought in a second unit of Mounted Lancers.

Orc Domination

At this point, all villages and towns had been captured by the Orcs. The Orcs, using the increased revenue, brought in Clanngett's Furies, Wahngrok the Slaughterer, Trolls, and a War Banner for the Furies. There was no shooting this turn, but the Pikemen were slain by Clanngett's Furies, while Jorghann butchered the Ogres to end combat. Units moved into position to assault both capitals.

A Human unit is in position to attack the orc capital

In the eighth, the Humans managed to scrape up a Mob, and the Orcs brought in Harpies, Ogres, and Baslian the Victorious. The shooting phase failed to see any wounds inflicted, due to awful dice rolling on both sides. In close combat, the Spearbearers killed the Mob, but the capital remained resilient and did not suffer any hits. The Paladin managed to hit the Ogres in the capital, but was brought down by the Wolfriders. Units continued to move to assault enemy capitals or to defend their own.

Orcs gather around the Human capital

The ninth turn saw the Humans scrounge another Mob, while the Orcs brought in more Ogres and turned two villages into towns. In the shooting phase, no hits were scored. The Mounted Lancers massacred the Orc Light Archers, but received two wounds from the Harpies in exchange. While the battle for the Human capital intensified, the Spider Archers hit the Mob, but the Mob repelled all other assaults. In the Move Phase, the Orc army surrounded the Human capital.

The red unit cards show the overpowering strength of the Orc Empire

The Final Crisis

The tenth was the determining turn. The Archers hit the Mob in the shooting phase and killed them. As the battle went to close combat, the capital took a wound from the Trolls, but repelled all other assaults. The Orc capital saw the Mounted Lancers critically wound the Furies, and then fall to the Wolf Riders. The remaining Pikemen slew the Wolf Riders and capitulated to the Ogres. Movement saw the Orc forces fill in the gaps of their slain companions to keep the Human capital surrounded.

Sheer numbers prevail!

Finally, in the eleventh round, the Human capital fell to the Orc swarm's sheer numbers.

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