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Lyria: Continuing the Horsey-Bits

Masterworks: Elmore Set #1
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Minidragon Fezian Inactive Member writes:

After the brown is dry, I mixed some orange into my brown - this lightens and alters the color somewhat (check out the photo to see what I mean). I painted this pretty liberally onto the horse-muscles, again trying to leave some of the earlier colors showing.

Some orange added

I allowed the previous layer to dry while I mixed some light tan paint into my orange-brown mix. I used this new color to, again, highlight the horse-muscles. As before, I've allowed the previous layers to show I've also begun highlighting toward my imaginary light source. For the most part, I've concentrated on the top portions of the muscles.

Highlighting the muscles

Next, I mix some white into my (now pinkish-brown) mix. I use this to highlight the top and sides of the muscles to help define them. I looked at pictures of well-cared for horses, and saw how shiny and "cut" their muscles are. That's what I'm going for, beginning with this stage Lyria must get someone to brush her from time to time!

Further defining the muscles

In photo 8, you can see that I've completed the skin bits, and the horse-parts look a bit different than they did in #7. Because I knew I'd be giving the skin and the horse-parts a wash of brown ink, I went ahead and completed the skin so I'd be able to wash both areas at once this saved me time and ink! The ink wash was 1:1:4 brown ink, Future, and water.

Horsey bits are done

At this point, Lyria's horsey-bits are done. The muscles are very well defined, and she's looking all glossy and healthy! (Too glossy for me! Inks often dry shiny I'll knock that down with matte spray when the whole figure is complete.)