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Assembling & Painting "Bob" the Dragon

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15 July 2008page first published

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unknown member of Snitty Snitty Bang Bang writes:

This is the story of a dragon from Epic Aberration Games.

unknown member was kind enough to send him to me.

Having fallen into bad company, our poor hero - the dragon whom I will now call Bob - managed to, eventually, pass out at Mardi Gras and get spray-painted interesting colors. Bedecked in glow-in-the-dark necklaces, he staggered... er...was shipped back to His Awesomeness, unknown member.

But that's the end of the story. It started this way:

With a box...

...with dragon bits in it...

Dragon bits

...ooooo... dragon bits!

Pleasantly little flashing to deal with.

Unlike most multi-piece dragons, Bob had what looked to be more stable attachments - really long posts and well-fitting slots. And just stop that, you people! In at least one case, there were 2 post/slots for a joint.

Theoretically, I should not have had to do any pinning at all.

But I did.

"Hmmmmmmm," Bob thought. "I fit together well..."

Assembled dragon

"... but my sculpting make me look like a crappy action figure!"

Here's an example:

Dragon joint

I thought this was a harsh assessment. But, alas, accurate.

Out came the greenstuff.

Among the many repairs, I fixed that joint.

That joint

Behave! That isn't a dragon dangly bit! It's the post for attaching him to his stand.

Yeesh, you people.

At this point, my computer and most of my pictures were consumed by a giant snorffling crash.

Pics you can't see:

  • more greenstuff to fill joints
  • more greenstuff poorly sculpted over the filled joints
  • thumb into at least one of the filled, sculpted and not yet dry joints

Repeat ad nauseam. (Eemphasis on the nausea.)

And then:

  • primer (brush on white)
  • found mold lines
  • re-prime