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Photos of the Final Hang Gliders

Dwarven Flying Machine with Flamethrower
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27 July 2003page first published

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Before we have the final vote on who won the contest, I promised to take some pictures of the finalist Bat's. This should even out the playing field in a sense, keeping this a painting contest rather than a photography contest...

(Not that I claim to be a great photographer - but at least I use the same camera, same lighting, and same angles for most of the shots. To keep things as fair as I can.)

The finalists take a victory lap past their fellow Dwarves

While taking the pictures, I learned a few things:

  1. An aircraft model in flight always seems to be throwing a shadow somewhere, no matter how many lights you use...
  2. A model with a large white-colored area - such as a wing - can be a challenge to photograph...
  3. ...especially if the rest of the model is painted in "dark" colors.
  4. Digital cameras are a bit funny with how they handle color, and computer monitors are even more variable, so heaven knows what you'll see in some of these pictures...

I took two sets of photographs - a "studio" set, photographing the models and their details against a dark background; and a "tabletop" set to show how the models would look in a gaming situation.