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1/2400 ACW Ironclads: Prep & Flags

USS Monitor (3)
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ASV 51
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£1.80 GBP

CSS Virginia & Texas
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ASV 56
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£1.80 GBP


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McKinstry Fezian writes:

Tools used are:

  • Small flat file
  • Pin Vise
  • X-acto knife
  • Florist wire
  • Scrap 12lb paper

The models of the Monitor and Virginia are very clean, with minor bits of flash the can be easily removed with a small file and an X-acto-style hobby knife. The Texas model has a mold line running from bow to stern that requires a bit more effort, but is fixable. All the models come with a scenic base that other than a bit of filing to smooth the underside, require no additional work.

USS Monitor

1/2400 is small and, as the pictures show, the Monitor runs about 2cm long and the Virginia about 3cm.

CSS Texas

To add a bit of color and flash to what is otherwise a fairly drab look, I like to add a flag. Using the pin vise, the smallest bit, and a 0.5cm bit of florist's wire (very fine malleable wire that is dirt cheap), a small hole is drilled at the appropriate spot and a flagstaff added. I clip a small piece of regular 12lb printer paper from scrap, and wrap it around the staff with a small bit of white glue.

Virginia and Texas, ready to prime
Monitors ready to prime