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1 - The Giant's Parts

Rock Giant
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26 June 2002page first published

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Before sending the Rock Giant off to Bwana Art Studio, I thought I'd open the pack and see what we had here!

Each pack contains one Rock Giant, comprising three parts - the body and two arms. One arm is holding an uprooted tree trunk (including roots!), and the other is poised to throw a rock.

Rock Giant parts

For photography's sake, I "tacked" the Rock Giant together with superglue to see what the completed model looked like. (I'll pull the model apart and clean the glue off before shipping it - Ira no doubt has his own techniques for assembling multi-part figures, and I suspect superglue isn't strong enough to hold this fellow together.)

temporarily assembled Rock Giant

Apparently it's really hard to find a good tailor when you're a Rock Giant, and this figure is wearing a wonderful mishmash of bits of chainmail over tatters of cloth and fur, with plenty of skin peeking through.

rear view of Rock Giant

The giant's face is contorted with effort or emotion - is he angry, or just giving that rock the old heave-ho? In this large size, the sculptor was able to model not only a mouth and beard, but even lips and individual teeth.

face of Rock Giant

One of the most unusual features of this model is the way the beard sort of "flows" or "streams" from the chin back to the torso.

beard of Rock Giant

Though we only need one Rock Giant for the Painting Project, Hobby Products was kind enough to send us a pair of figures. We asked Ira what he'd like us to do with the "extra' giant, and he volunteered to paint both as a demonstration of how the same model can be transformed with different painting approaches.

another giant (and friend) recently painted by Bwana Art Studio

Ira also sent along a photo of another giant (and a friend) which he's recently painted.