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Janus Mk VII
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Janus Mk VII
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The first step when building any multiple-piece kit is to examine what you've got, and make sure nothing's missing.

Body parts

The hull of the vehicle is made up of four parts:

A Bottom Plate On left in photo Has eight areas of "treads," which I'm guessing are actually some kind of hover-beam emitter (due to lack of ground clearance). Front and aft "areas" are inscribed with circles, as if mounted on steerable discs.
An Upper Hull Center right in photo Has a "bumper" in front, a sloping front plate, the "forward deck" where the front turret sits, sloping up to the "poop deck" where the main turret sits, with a cylindrical rear "bumper."
A Left Flange Top of photo This large hull flange includes a front winglet, followed by a large forward-swept "engine scoop." The bottom has an area of "hover tread," while the top has another inscribed area (thursters? heat vents?).
A Right Flange Bottom of photo Same as the other flange.

Front turret parts

The small forward turret has two parts:

Weapon Barrel Left in photo This is a shaft with four vanes near the "firing end." At the end of the main barrel, a smaller barrel protrudes. There is no sign of a hole, so I'd assume this is an energy weapon rather than a gun. Or, that the "smaller barrel" is the nose of a missile.
Front Turret Right in photo The weapon barrel fits into an opening on the left of the turret, opposite what looks to be some kind of "sensor blister." There is a "hatch" on top. A generously-proportioned neck fits easily into the assembled hull of the tank. The picture above is a side view, showing the turret (top) and neck (below).

Main turret parts

There were four parts for the main (rear) turret:

Twin Rocket Pods Top and Bottom in photo These look pretty much just like the rocket pods you see on fighters and helicopters from the '80s (or on Battletech minis) - cylinders with seven firing holes at each end.
Main Turret Center Left in photo Large, flat turret with a variety of details: "ladder rungs" on both sides, a "bathtub blister" at front right (sensors? command station?), a "box" at front left, two hatches at the top rear, and a "dorsal vent" structure at the center rear of the turret.
Weapon Barrel Right in photo Five pairs of vanes flank this long barrel. The firing end is indented, as if to indicate a hollow barrel (projectile weapon?).

The assembled hull looks like it will be 2.5" long (6 cm) - pretty vast for a 1/300 scale vehicle, particularly if the last ones you've seen were vehicles of WWII vintage.

And now - did anyone notice a problem on this inspection tour? If you haven't already, then compare the parts descriptions to the label photo, and see if you can spot the anomaly...

Yes, there's a part missing, and I almost didn't spot it. In the label photo, notice that there's a pi-shaped "radar array" mounted at the rear of the main turret.

Missing parts will occur occasionally with any multi-part kit (and as it turns out, this kit was the only kit in the entire shipment to have any problems). I got hold of John, and he sent out the missing part promptly. However, my point stands - inspect every kit before assembly, to make sure it's complete.