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1 - What's in the Predator Box?

MkIVb Predator
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Before shipping the Predator off to Leland, I thought I'd remove the shrink wrap and see what comes in the box!

inside the box

The answer is - LOTS. The box is crammed tight with five plastic sprues holding the vehicle's parts:

two large sprues

Two large sprues hold most of the hull components...

three more small sprues

...while three more small sprues hold many more parts, including the turret (and lots of bits).

decal sheets

Two decal sheets are found at the bottom of the box (face-down, so they don't get scratched during shipping).

On first inspection, and having some experience with plastic kits from other manufacturers, I thought something was missing - where's the instructions?

instructions on the side of the box bottom

...until I spotted the diagrams on the sides of the box bottom. Some basic painting instructions can be found on the box bottom panel.

painting instructions on the bottom of the box

Leland asked me if I had any preferences for color scheme. This would be the first element in the TMP Space Marines army, so I told Leland he could pretty much do what he wanted. The only thing I knew was that it would be fighting in "normal" (i.e. green) tabletop terrain - so desert or snow camo schemes would be inappropriate.

"A basic 'green' camp spec is cool by me," says Leland. "I have several very photogenic ones to choose from, so I am looking forward to this one."

So I've wrapped the box back up, and it's on its way to Leland...