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Finalist BCantwell's Report


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14 November 2002page first published

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Finalist BCantwell introduces himself:

I am 35 and married with two cats and a dog. We live in College Station, Texas, where I am a PhD student in the Department of Biology at Texas A&M University.

I have been played miniatures games for almost 20 years, starting as an extension of D&D. Over the years my interest has shifted mostly to historical gaming, but I still play some fantasy and sci-fi miniatures games. My main interest is World War II, where I have been assembling 15mm forces for playing Battlefront WWII and 1/300 aircraft for playing Mustangs. However, I have a vast collection of various stuff unpainted in the closet including a Mongol army for Might of Arms, a bunch of Foundry Apaches, Age of Sail 1:1200 ships, etc. Lately I've also been painting a lot of fantasy stuff for playing Chainmail as well. I play as part of a group here in College Station called Brazos Valley Historical Miniatures. Pictures of some of our games can be seen at the Lone Star Historical Miniatures webpage.

the desk

I've included a photo of my painting desk. I think it's funny because other contestants and guest painters have provided pictures of their nice organized work space, which is a marked contrast to the barely restrained chaos of my painting desk.

The Dwarven Flyer can be seen next to a couple of Brewster Buffalo fighters being readied for the Millennium 5 convention in a couple of weeks.