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Demonic Instructions

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Matt's first questions were:

Sure, sounds like fun...

I'm not familiar with this figure.  Who makes it?  What's it like? Send any descriptions of what you want it to look like with the mini.

If you could, please include the miniature's company information (including the part number, if you know what it is).  I have an Access database I keep track of all the miniatures I paint, and I would like to have that information for my database.

I do have to tell you, I have seven 40k Fire Dragons, a Fire Dragons Exarch, and Phoenix Lord Fuegan for a guy in California, and also a set of Doom minis for ID Software ahead of you.  It may take a while...  like 2 months.

To make this an even more difficult project, I decided to arbitrarily request Matt to paint Gurzon exactly the "right way" according to the manufacturer. I sent him the following illustration from the Inferno! boxed set:

the official guide to painting Gurzon

Matt didn't comment on the color scheme until he had seen the figure:

Got him today!  He's cool!  I might have to get one for me too!

I'll get him done as quickly as I can.  I'll keep you posted.

I was thinking about my approach to painting your demon and I was just wondering if you really wanted these primary colors?  Or, if you would like the general concept of the coloring in the image you sent, but with more of a "real" look to the painting when it is done?

I told Matt that I wanted something that roughly conformed to the "official" painting guidelines, but to use his artistic discretion as needed.