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Capitana: More Painting!

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Personal logo Virtualscratchbuilder Supporting Member of TMP Fezian of Virtualscratchbuilder writes:

Fret is finished

The fret is finished. I do not portray my galleys under sail, so I ignore the sails on the fret.

Back to the hull!

Back to the hull. The masts get a coat of Reaper Bright Red; and the decks, including that on the beakhead, get a coat of Ceramcoat Sienna. The sails on the yards get the first of a couple of drybrushed coats of Reaper White. (I do these additional coats here and there as I work on other stuff.)


While the hull is drying, back to the benches. I drybrush both benches with Flesh. Now the rowers have heads. In the picture, on one bench I have also picked out some heads with black. Many of the rowers now have hair.

Working on the deck

The deck is dry, so I hit it with a thinned coat of Reaper Wood Stain Ink. First I paint the deck with water, then just dab on a little of the ink, and let it run into the cracks. I dab any pools up with a napkin.

Red for the hull

Once the stain is dry, the hull gets a coat of Reaper Bright Red.

I do the windows the same way I do my aircraft: paint the whole window with Ceramcoat Navy Blue, then while it's wet, I take a wet brush and dab on a little Ceramcoat light blue, and mix the two on about half the window. I am careful to leave a margin of Navy around each window.

Picking out the moldings and decorations

Then using an 18-aught brush and Ceramcoat Yellow, I pick out the moldings and decorations. I do one whole side and the stern, and let that dry, then do the other side and the bow.

Final white coat on the yards

Back to the yards. By this time they have received their final coat of white. Now, I carefully paint red stripes on the sails. The yards themselves get a coat of light brown. The front of the forecastle gets some black, being careful to keep within the margins of the moldings there.

Black shadowing added

Next, the yards get black shadowing on the sail reefs (I think they are reefs). The black is painted a little to either side of the reefs, as well, in order to enhance shadows.

Reefs picked out with Mudstone

Finally, the reefs themselves are picked out, all the way around the yard, with Ceramcoat Mudstone.

Benches are test-fit

Back to the hull. The benches are test-fit into the troughs. They need to be bent into a curve ever-so-slightly, with the ends higher than the middle, so as to follow the sheer of the hull. By ever-so-slightly, I mean the ends are about .5mm higher than the middle. Both needed about .5mm trimmed (yes, even though I was born in New York and I live in Texas, I work in metric). A quick snick with the razor knife, and they were ready to lay into the troughs with a little superglue. Be sure to trim the same end of each, or the benches will be off-kilter. The instructions include a diagram for showing the proper lie.... basically, the inboard rowers were further back (astern) than the outside rowers. If this sounds odd, remember the rowers sat facing the stern!

Using Reaper Bronze, I pick out the gunbarrels at the front of the forecastle.