Toy Gaming

Purists on either side may tell you that miniature wargaming and "playing with toys" are not the same thing. After all, a stuffed teddy bear is not a "miniature" of a soldier or a tank. And plastic army men are cool enough in their own right, without having to try to pretend to be "historically accurate figures."

Nevertheless, there's almost no difference between toy-gaming rules and miniatures rules. Except that toy-game rulesets tend to be simpler (not always true!), while miniature wargaming rulesets usually compromise fun and playability in order to create a simulation of reality.

The basic idea of any toy game is that you can take the toys you grew up with - or steal your kids toys, or have an excuse to go buy toys - and play games. Toys can mean anything from toy trucks, stuffed animals, action figures, or blobs of play-doh.

A sub-genre of toy games are plastic soldier games, played with green and gray (or tan and green) army men. This also includes games played with similar figures, such as "cowboys and indians."


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