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Showcase is where the Editor takes a peek at various products - including some of the latest releases - sent to us here at The Miniatures Page.

If you have a product you would like to see featured in Showcase, please contact Personal logo Editor in Chief Bill The Editor of TMP Fezian.

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1:72 Italeri Russian Infantry, Part I

Personal logo Editor in Chief Bill The Editor of TMP Fezian bases up the start of his 1:72 scale WWII Russians. [3 Nov 2021]


Personal logo Editor in Chief Bill The Editor of TMP Fezian shows off the U.S. infantry from the Flames of War starter set. [27 Aug 2020]
Personal logo Editor in Chief Bill The Editor of TMP Fezian bases more of his German artillery tractors. [16 Jan 2020]
Fernando Enterprises paints German staff vehicles for TMP. [16 Jun 2019]
Personal logo Editor in Chief Bill The Editor of TMP Fezian wonders: Can Fernando do 1/285th? [14 Jul 2016]
Personal logo Editor in Chief Bill The Editor of TMP Fezian goes into repair mode when painted models are damaged in shipping. [19 Apr 2016]
Combatpainter Painting Studios continues the winter theme. [18 Jan 2016]
Beowulf Fezian paints up some WWII Soviet aircraft. [4 Nov 2015]
Combatpainter Painting Studio delivers more reinforcements for our WWII winter Germans. [2 Jul 2015]
T-34s, beware! [16 Apr 2013]
A more wintry portrayal of German Riflemen with Greatcoats II. [18 Jan 2013]
Doing winter WWII gaming? Then give your soldats some greatcoats. [28 Dec 2012]
Troop of Shewe shows their photos of a trio of Soviet T-34 tanks painted for TMP. [27 Jun 2012]
Combatpainter Painting Studios takes on WWII Germans in Greatcoats. [7 Jan 2012]
The wandering unit of T-26s are now revealed... [8 Nov 2010]
Personal logo Editor in Chief Bill The Editor of TMP Fezian tackles his greatest foe - another Green Vehicle... [26 Oct 2010]
It's hard to find 25mm Russians in the early-war summer uniform, but here they are! [22 Sep 2010]
Warcolours Painting Studio Fezian paints Battlefront's Soviet rocket battery. [23 May 2010]
Can you buy a 15mm pre-painted Sherman for $3 USD at your local store? [29 Apr 2010]
Warcolours Painting Studio Fezian paints Battlefront's Soviet T60 light tank. [5 Mar 2010]
Old Guard Painters adds another force to the TMP Soviet army. [18 Oct 2009]
The Germans arrive for my Hour of Glory. [28 Jun 2009]
72 riflemen join our forces! [31 May 2009]
On Memorial Day (U.S.), a reminder of the casualties of WWII. [24 May 2009]
Old Guard Painters adds more trucks to my Soviet arsenal. [5 Apr 2009]
The NSU Kettenkraftrad Sd.Kfz.2 Normandie 1944 from Gaso.line. [1 Apr 2009]
Old Guard Painters does Peter Pig's 15mm Soviet mortars. [6 Jan 2009]
Infiltrate a WWII German base with these agents of SABRE! [30 Dec 2008]
These "puzzle tanks" are good quality for the cost. [11 Dec 2008]
Wilson's Miniatures paints Peter Pig's 15mm Soviet officers. [9 Oct 2008]
You've seen them painted, now see them based... [24 Aug 2008]
Do you recognize this set? [4 Jul 2008]
How does coverbinding work? [16 Apr 2008]
From the Master Fighter line, a set of 1/48th infantry and accessories for Solido's U.S. halftrack. [16 Mar 2008]
Latest N-scale German armor from GFI. [8 Mar 2007]
The Editor almost has a heart attack... [28 Oct 2006]
Looking for a way to mark explosions or fire? [28 Jun 2006]
Why are some fans up in arms over the latest Axis and Allies release? [26 Jun 2006]
The first sample from Gaso.line's new Master Fighter pre-painted 1/48th scale series. [13 Jan 2006]
Pre-painted models from the World Tank Museum. [12 Jan 2006]
Can a WWII blockgame find happiness as a miniatures campaign system? [27 Sep 2005]
pmglasser takes a first look at the new Axis & Allies. [13 Sep 2005]
A walk down memory lane - do you remember the Tank Trap? [23 Aug 2005]
Thinking to invade German-held Europe? Then you'll need some of these... [21 Aug 2005]
We take a look at Battlefront's version of the BA-6, a unique "heavy" armored car in Soviet service. [15 Nov 2004]
Think of Allied engineering in WWII, and the ubiquitous pre-fabricated Quonset Huts of military construction instantly spring to mind. Microfigs has brought out two varieties in their 1/285th scale pack. [26 Dec 2001]
After the recall, how does Battlefront's remastered KV-1 Heavy Tank measure up? The Editor takes a look. [25 May 2001]

A lot of people seem to be getting into 15mm WWII gaming lately. The Editor takes a look at the 15mm (1:100) Russian infantry packs from Battlefront. [28 Dec 2000]

If you've been dying to recreate the campaign which started the War in Europe, then you'll need 1939 Polish figures. Where to get them? The Editor takes a look at the new 15mm series from Outpost Wargame Services. [4 Dec 2000]

Looking for the ultimate ruin in which to recreate the house-to-house fighting of the Second World War? Perhaps Wargame Ruins' latest product, for use with 15mm and 20mm figures, might fit the bill. [3 Apr 2000]

Perhaps you've seen a box like this in your local game store, and wondered what was contained within? The Editor shows you what comes with this kit of a WWII light tank. [29 Mar 2000]

Need to christen that ship, tank or mecha? Beacon has the answer. [18 Dec 1999]
Blood Axe Miniatures releases two new 15mm armor kits: a SU-152 and a KV-1C. They're not even in the catalog yet, but we've got photos! [18 Dec 1999]
The latest releases from Blood Axe Miniatures [18 Dec 1999]
The Editor finds out just what Irregular's 2mm WWII figures look like. [18 Dec 1999]