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Augie the Alligator Centurion

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12 June 2003page first published

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I thought you'd enjoy getting another look at Augie the Alligator Centurion, the 35mm miniature available exclusively to attendees of Bayou Wars XI this weekend down in Louisiana.

The figure was created by Kevin Chenevert of Casting and molding were performed by Jeff Rodman of Fortress Figures. It's available "raw" or assembled with a pewter finish - I chose "raw" since like a true gamer, I'm gonna paint it!

raw figure - arm is attached to base

The "raw" figure arrives in one piece, with the arm intended to be removed and then properly attached to the shoulder.

There are no significant mold lines or flash. I did some light filing/scraping on the spear to remove (very) slight mold lines.

At first, I had trouble attaching the arm - then I realized that a tiny "push" was needed at the pin would shape itself right into the hole. It held without glue, but I used superglue to be safe. There's some freedom in posing the arm, though the spear "bottom" is always going to end up "between the legs" (hope Augie don't trip).

Missing part of the lightning bolt from shield

There were two minor flaws. The first is that part of a "lightning bolt" on the shield design is missing (probably broke off before/during mold making). The second is that our spear has a crack in the shaft a little below the spearhead - I'll have to be a little delicate when painting this guy, as I don't want to replace the spear end.

You'll always remember Augie came by way of Bayou Wars

So if you're looking for that unique figure for your lizardman forces (remember, a 35mm scale alligator centurion makes a "big" lizardman in 28mm scale!), better get to Bayou Wars this weekend!

assembled figure