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Dah Bunkuh

Battle Bunker
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WH 01
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US$30 (unfinished)
US$60 (painted)

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20 January 2000page first published

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front view

Tired of getting bombed, blasted, and fried by your enemies? Then perhaps your troops need a Battle Bunker. This product, designed for use with 25/28mm scale non-historical figures, is advertised as a squad-sized fortification. It includes a front door, nine firing slits, and a trapdoor leading to a roof-top fighting position.

hollow bottom

The bunker is made of resin, and with walls varying from 8 to 12mm in thickness, should be quite durable. As shown in the photo above, the bunker is hollow (allowing it to be placed "over" the troops defending it). The building has a sandy texture that resembles concrete.

rear view

The front door is 40mm tall, which makes it appropriate for all of those heroically over-scaled 25/28mm figures. The firing slits are also 40mm off the ground, which seems a little high. (Just imagine that defenders are standing on a firing step, or that the interior has a raised floor.) The roof is surrounded by walls of 23mm height, which our test figures were easily able to fire over. (Your results will vary depending on how you mount your figures, and the height of the figures themselves.)

top view

As with most resin products, there are some pits and casting flaws. For instance, in the first picture in this article, note that some of the door bolts are miscast, and also notice a large pit in the lefthand corner of the bunker. Fortunately, real concrete has pits, and a real bunker could have combat damage, so you may well find the minor imperfections to not be a problem.

As the photos also show, some of the buttress walls are slightly crooked. If this bothers you, then this bunker might not be for for us, we just figure that combat engineers build for protection, not for beauty...or it was built in a hurry...or by Orks...

Dimensions are 20 cm long x 15 cm wide x 8 cm tall. Rooftop floor area is 10 cm x 7 cm.