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Showcase is where the Editor takes a peek at various products - including some of the latest releases - sent to us here at The Miniatures Page.

If you have a product you would like to see featured in Showcase, please contact Personal logo Editor in Chief Bill The Editor of TMP Fezian.

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The 4' x 6' Assault Table Top

Personal logo Editor in Chief Bill The Editor of TMP Fezian begins to think about terrain for Team Yankee. [15 Sep 2017]


Personal logo Editor in Chief Bill The Editor of TMP Fezian worries about not losing his rules stuff. [22 May 2017]
ESLO Terrain explains about their range of modular buildings. [11 Sep 2015]
Is there finally a gluestick worth buying for paper modelers? [20 Sep 2011]
When you only need to carry 72 28mm figures (or less)... [29 Nov 2010]
Need some low-pressure clamps? [10 Sep 2010]
Well, they're certainly cheap... [27 Mar 2010]
Need 16 square feet of gaming space, built to order? [31 Jul 2009]
How does coverbinding work? [17 Apr 2008]
It's probably too late already this season to snatch these bargains up... [24 Jan 2008]
Sometimes at a convention, you can be just dead lucky and find a real bargain. [17 Oct 2007]
How to store and transport an army of giant apes? [8 Jun 2007]
A happy customer writes to tell us about a painting service... [17 Nov 2006]
Mal Wright Fezian goes to sea with the Terrain Mat. [15 Nov 2006]
It's a terrain expansion for Heroscape, but will non-Heroscape gamers be attracted by the trees? [18 Oct 2006]
Need a portable work surface, with a no-stick surface and a no-slip backing? [24 Jul 2006]
Looking for a way to mark explosions or fire? [29 Jun 2006]
Hobby brushes direct from Sri Lanka. [12 Jan 2006]
The fascinating history of one of the hobby's major manufacturers. [30 Aug 2005]
A cheap way to pick up on the latest fad and get your own dice cup for wargaming? [12 Aug 2005]
Christmas brings many wonders for the wargamer. This year, it's cheap trees! [9 Oct 2003]
We take a look at the exclusive figure made for Bayou Wars XI. [12 Jun 2003]
Miniature World Maker's latex road pieces come painted, flocked, and ready to use. The Editor takes a look. [8 Dec 2001]

Looking for a way to mount your figures so they don't fall over all the time? Want nicely terrained bases, but are short on time? Epicast has a new product they'd like you to consider... [7 Dec 2001]

The Editor finds a source for custom bases - round or hexagonal, clear or tinted, with or without mirror coatings, drilled or undrilled, striped or unstriped... [10 Apr 2001]
Do your 25mm troops need some help holding their positions? Perhaps a squad-sized Battle Bunker from TCS would help... [20 Jan 2000]

It's a mountain, it's a cave complex, it's big enough to form your entire field of battle - it's Daemon's Keep, the latest (and one of the largest) terrain sets from Warzone. [17 Jan 2000]

Crates are the sort of scenic item that is a pain to build from scratch, yet you could use dozens and dozens of them to add tactical clutter to your indoor scenarios. The Editor looks at Armorcast's Small Wooden Crate set, intended for a science fiction audience but...well, crates are crates. [6 Jan 2000]
Can a 54mm scale siege ladder find happiness in a 25mm world? The Editor considers Tactical Conflict's siege ladders for use with a new scale. [30 Dec 1999]
Need to christen that ship, tank or mecha? Beacon has the answer. [18 Dec 1999]
An unusual obelisk from Armorcast [18 Dec 1999]
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Latest hill sets from Terrain Creations. [18 Dec 1999]
We look at the new resin trench system Starter Set from Armorcast. [18 Dec 1999]
Terrain Creations has come up with something really new this time... [18 Dec 1999]
The editor messes around with durable hill pieces from Terrain Creations [18 Dec 1999]
A First Look at this tabletop product from Life-Like Products [18 Dec 1999]