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Showcase is where the Editor takes a peek at various products - including some of the latest releases - sent to us here at The Miniatures Page.

If you have a product you would like to see featured in Showcase, please contact Personal logo Editor in Chief Bill The Editor of TMP Fezian.

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3Dprinted 28mm Lizardfolk

At six models per batch, Personal logo Editor in Chief Bill The Editor of TMP Fezian says there is no limit to how large his horde can be. [25 May 2017]


Continuing on the theme of green… [23 Feb 2017]
Old Guard Painters painted a 15mm fantasy war wagon for TMP. [29 Jun 2016]
Our friends at Fernando Enterprises paint a heap of Dwarves for TMP. [25 May 2016]
And now, a look at Epix Haven's new Corner Tower set. [12 May 2016]
A first look at Epix Haven's new Walls set. [11 May 2016]
Two new Orc units, but only one will Personal logo Editor in Chief Bill The Editor of TMP Fezian keep… [4 May 2016]
Personal logo Editor in Chief Bill The Editor of TMP Fezian is building a new Orc Army for Mighty Armies. [22 Feb 2016]
Old Guard Painters paints reinforcements for five Dwarven armies for Mighty Armies. [1 Feb 2016]
Personal logo Editor in Chief Bill The Editor of TMP Fezian replaces his Dwarf army… sort of. [13 Dec 2015]
The Acolyte Vampires return - based, now, and ready for the game table. [21 Nov 2015]
Fernando Enterprises paints an Amazon army for TMP. [13 Oct 2015]
One more look at the Centaurs from Bronze Age Miniatures. [10 Jul 2015]
Personal logo Editor in Chief Bill The Editor of TMP Fezian bases the mummies at last... [17 Jun 2015]
Personal logo Editor in Chief Bill The Editor of TMP Fezian still can't paint women! [12 Sep 2013]
Return of the Wild Elves. [24 Apr 2013]
The Editor completes someone else's paintjob. [3 Apr 2013]
Fernando Enterprises paints up some out-of-production 15mm Orc command figures for TMP. [25 Jan 2013]
Personal logo Editor in Chief Bill The Editor of TMP Fezian may be slow, but... well, he's just slow. [4 Jan 2013]
The first of our Wild Elves make their appearance. [11 Jun 2012]
At this rate, Personal logo Editor in Chief Bill The Editor of TMP Fezian will finish this project in time for the release of the next edition! [31 Jan 2012]
The Bronze Age Centaurs return! [28 Jan 2012]
Need something extra for your 15mm Orc hordes? [19 Jan 2012]
combatpainter Fezian Inactive Member paints a legend from the Trojan Wars. [16 Jan 2012]
Blue Table Painting does some junior vampires for us. [10 Jan 2012]
Blue Table Painting paints some of the latest releases from Bronze Age Miniatures. [2 Aug 2011]
Blue Table Painting has painted my Goliath. [10 May 2011]
Black Mountain Miniatures paints up a double-army of Dwarves. [21 Nov 2010]
A blast from the past: some light cavalry from the D&D Battlesystem line. [1 Nov 2010]
Old Guard Painters handles this unit of heavy cavalry. [11 Oct 2010]
Do you lie awake at night worrying about giant insects devouring the human race? Me, too... [6 Oct 2010]
Four wolves drawing a chariot full of Orcs... [1 Oct 2010]
How to paint a Demonic Gnoll? My mind balked. [20 Sep 2010]
The first of my 15mm Orcs returns from Sri Lanka... [15 Sep 2010]
Magic and demons... and furniture... [19 May 2010]
A wonderful Tom Meier-sculpted fantasy diorama... [14 May 2010]
A fun Chaos project suitable for novice painters. [11 May 2010]
Hundvig Fezian Inactive Member shows off these scenics for use in taverns and inns. [6 May 2010]
Well, they're certainly cheap... [27 Mar 2010]
All About Miniatures paints a 15mm Orc army for Mighty Armies. [18 Mar 2010]
Beowulf Supporting Member of TMP Fezian paints the prototypes for the Eureka Amazon Army. [22 Oct 2009]
photocrinch presents his Intimidation Doubled entry. [21 Oct 2009]
Dread Pirate Garness Fezian Inactive Member presents his Intimidation Doubled entry. [20 Oct 2009]
TheMasterworkGuild Inactive Member presents his Intimidation Doubled entry. [15 Oct 2009]
fred12df Inactive Member presents his Intimidation Doubled entry. [14 Oct 2009]
Minidragon Fezian Inactive Member presents his Intimidation Doubled contest entry. [13 Oct 2009]
RobH Inactive Member presents his Intimidation Doubled contest entry. [12 Oct 2009]
Looking for a way to get my eagles airborne. [20 Jul 2009]
The last - the most elusive - set of dino skellies... [10 Jul 2009]
Looking for an easy painting project? [24 Jun 2009]
Back to the dollar store for more dinosaur skeleton action. [19 Jun 2009]
When I needed some monsters fast, I took the inexpensive route... [9 Jun 2009]
The last article in this series looks at command figures. [22 May 2009]
An ancient figure from an ancient time, from an ancient portion of the workbench, finally sees completion. [7 May 2009]
Need some walking dinosaur skeletons? [30 Mar 2009]
The commanders of the Sorcerer's Legion arrive! [9 Jan 2009]
When you absolutely, positively need an evil delivery overnight, who do you call? [2 Jan 2009]
Lee Brilleaux Fezian uses a unique configuration to help the structure hold together. [17 Oct 2008]
Another troop type from Rebel Minis' Mighty Armies. [14 Oct 2008]
More scenics! [7 Oct 2008]
You can't buy these figures at the moment... but we had them painted anyway! [1 Oct 2008]
Hundvig Fezian Inactive Member shows off his workmanship on a fantasy scenics set. [25 Sep 2008]
A final look at some more of the Tribal troopers. [21 Aug 2008]
More Tribals - including angry women wearing masks! [13 Aug 2008]
Primitive females, armed with clubs and shields. [6 Aug 2008]
Primitive girls armed with hatchets. [30 Jul 2008]
Topless female archers? The idea makes one wince... but they look cool... [17 Jul 2008]
Adam8472 Fezian Inactive Member gets medieval. [15 Jul 2008]
In the forefront of battle, you need better armor and brave spirits! [14 Mar 2008]
These female warriors combine long, sharp blades with stout shields. [13 Mar 2008]
Stone Age clubs, or metal-capped maces? Only your paintbrush can decide... [12 Mar 2008]
Spinning with their sharp blades, these berserks are a whirlwind of trouble... [11 Mar 2008]
Tribal girls with spears - made by Shadowforge Miniatures, painted for TMP by Fernando Enterprises. [10 Mar 2008]
Tribal girls with spears - made by Shadowforge Miniatures, painted for TMP by Fernando Enterprises. [15 Feb 2008]
It's probably too late already this season to snatch these bargains up... [24 Jan 2008]
Apparently, great minds think alike... [23 Jan 2008]
At Christmas, the good kids get presents. Ever wondered what happened to the bad kids? [22 Jan 2008]
Who has armed the snowmen, and to whom does their allegiance belong? [16 Jan 2008]
If snowflakes resemble snowy bees, then who rules over the snowflakes? [15 Jan 2008]
The Sovereign of Sweets and her entourage take their turn in Showcase. [30 Dec 2007]
You wanted more photos of the Santa Claws Gang? Here is Santa and two of his companions. [29 Dec 2007]
Take a look at Lance & Laser's Dianite Starter Set - and at the work of House of Queeg, which painted these figures for TMP. [28 Dec 2007]
Pick up the Hykolaran Starter Set, and you're ready to play WarChest. But how do the figures paint up? [29 Nov 2007]
Adam8472 Fezian Inactive Member of Pro-Painted Miniatures paints another troll. [8 Nov 2007]
Assassin's Dwarf Berserker, as painted for TMP by Adam of Pro Painted Miniatures. [27 Jun 2007]
How to store and transport an army of giant apes? [8 Jun 2007]
Vendel's big Mountain Troll, as painted by Adam of Pro Painted Miniatures. [16 May 2007]
We look at the Dwarf Starter Set for Lance & Laser's WarChest, as painted for us by Demon-Brushwurkz. [10 May 2007]
It's a terrain expansion for Heroscape, but will non-Heroscape gamers be attracted by the trees? [18 Oct 2006]
Looking for a way to mark explosions or fire? [29 Jun 2006]
The fascinating history of one of the hobby's major manufacturers. [30 Aug 2005]
Have you ever seen a believable Goblin? [26 Aug 2005]
Whatever happened to the Boogey Men? [19 Aug 2005]
Getting an idea of what Assassin's limited-edition figures are like... [18 Aug 2005]
The latest WarEngine shirts are out, and we have some... [30 Dec 2004]
Carin Meier at Thunderbolt Mountain sends us the Wood Elf Noble Lady in Travelling Clothes. [8 Nov 2004]
The latest Basic Game for Dungeons & Dragons focuses on miniatures. [5 Nov 2004]
The latest D&D supplement provides a guide to ice-and-snow environments - including new character classes and races, spells, monsters, and two adventure sites. [3 Nov 2004]
We take a look at the first set in the Masterworks series from Dark Sword Productions. [2 Nov 2004]
The latest from Reaper is a fast-play, small-unit fantasy game, complete with painting guide and even a campaign system. [15 Sep 2004]
We take a look at the exclusive figure made for Bayou Wars XI. [12 Jun 2003]
New technology brings improvements to the Battle Bases product line. The Editor looks at the new Crystal Bases from Epicast. [6 Jan 2003]
The good folks over at i-Kore were kind enough to send along one of the products in their Celtos line: the Gael Chariot boxed set. [5 Nov 2002]
An entire village in one blister pack? The Editor looks at The Village from the Empires product line. [2 Apr 2002]

Looking for a way to mount your figures so they don't fall over all the time? Want nicely terrained bases, but are short on time? Epicast has a new product they'd like you to consider... [7 Dec 2001]

The Editor finds a source for custom bases - round or hexagonal, clear or tinted, with or without mirror coatings, drilled or undrilled, striped or unstriped... [10 Apr 2001]
Looking for something other than the same old lizardman? Check out this Jungle Gar with Bloodstone Spear from the Fantasy Legend product line. This giant reptilian in 25mm scale definitely has a unique look. [21 Nov 2000]
Looking for something unique for a 15mm fantasy army? Evil Gong brings us an artillery set manned by humanoid Fishmen... [29 Sep 2000]

It's one of the best-engineered models we've seen all year - and it looks good, too! Take a look with us at the Ogre Myrmadon, an usual cavalry-type unit for Chronopia with an elephantine mount and an Ogre lancer... [23 Mar 2000]

He's got the Horn of the Goddess, but do you want him to play at your next battle? The Editor checks out the Tribal Warrior Hornblower for Chronopia's Sons of Kronos army. [20 Mar 2000]
For Chronopia players, he's an option and not a requirement, and he's the highest priced model in his series. Is the Tribal Warrior Standard Bearer worth picking up? [31 Jan 2000]
Out with the old, in with the new - Target Games has retired the Sons of Kronos Chieftain, and his replacement is the Tribal Warrior Leader. If you play Firstborn or Sons of Kronos (Chronopia), you'll need one of these for each Tribal Warrior Warband. We take a look at the new arrival... [29 Jan 2000]
Target Games joins the ranks of game companies which are publishing and selling color catalogues of their products. Archives #1 has hit the shelves. [19 Jan 2000]

It's a mountain, it's a cave complex, it's big enough to form your entire field of battle - it's Daemon's Keep, the latest (and one of the largest) terrain sets from Warzone. [17 Jan 2000]

Can a 54mm scale siege ladder find happiness in a 25mm world? The Editor considers Tactical Conflict's siege ladders for use with a new scale. [30 Dec 1999]
25mm female barbarians from Target Games [27 Dec 1999]

Taking the war of the Firstborn into the arid southern lands of Chronopia, the Desert Crusaders have made their appearance. The Editor takes a look at these new 25mm/28mm figures from Target Games. [23 Dec 1999]

A mammoth Soulflayer from Target Games [18 Dec 1999]
An unusual obelisk from Armorcast [18 Dec 1999]
Some demonic miniatures from Global Games [18 Dec 1999]