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World's Greatest Dice Games

World's Greatest Dice Games
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jjwhite103 writes:

I bought mine in the dollar bins at the front of the local Target Store in Iowa. I have no idea how widespread the distribution was, but that was a couple months ago, so they're long gone (from there) by now.

And for what it's worth, smaller dice (or most polyhedra) will tumble freely in the cup, so it's still completely viable for many uses.


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There have been a plethora of activity sets lately, consisting of a small booklet and miscellaneous items wrapped in plastic netting, promising to grant you near-instantaneous mastery of juggling or magic tricks or brain surgery (OK, I made that last one up).

The one most useful to gamers would seem to be World's Greatest Dice Games, which - as you've probably guessed - comes with an 80-page digest-sized booklet, dice, and a dice cup, wrapped together in plastic mesh.

World's Greatest Dice Games

(Also available in some discount stores sold as two items - book and bag - as low as $1 USD each...)

Besides a brief history of dice and some dice terminology, the booklet includes rules for 30 dice games (plus variations). Beetle, for instance, takes the classic game of Hangman and turns it into a dice-driven beetle-drawing game. And Fifty Up is a game where the object is to score 50 points, only doubles count for points, but double-three's erase your score.

Dice cup and dice

All that seems harmless enough, but the real problem is with the dice cup (and the dice). Instead of the usual cylindrical shape, this dice cup is flask-shaped - and so narrow that the large dice don't have much room to turn around. This makes it rather easy to "stack the odds" by the way you place the dice into the cup!

So if you thought this set was a cheap way to get a decent dice cup for wargaming (plus some dice games for the kiddies)... well, you'd be half-right.