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Vendel's Goblin King

Goblin King
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25 August 2005page first published

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I recently received the Goblin King pack, manufactured by Vendel. This manufacturer's approach is to bring a "believable" factor to their fantasy line - to provide fantasy that is rooted in the best of fantasy literature tradition, and in appropriate historical roots. This particular pack isn't new, but it's new to me... so here it is.

GB1 Goblin King pack from Vendel

The figures arrived from the U.K. packed in a padded envelope, with plenty of bubblewrap on the inside. The Goblin King pack was in a ziploc bag, clearly labeled. Inside were four figures, plus four shields and four swords:

GB1 Goblin King pack contents

The four shields appear identical, and give the appearance of wicker or stick construction with a metal boss. The reverse of the shield provides a depression where a Goblin's hand can be inserted. Three of the figures have hands posed to accept shields; the King, however, doesn't seem to need a shield.

Three of the swords look the same to me - weapons with slightly curved blades. The fourth is shorter and straighter. Two of the figures have open hands to accept swords.

Goblin King close-up

The star of this pack, of course, is the Goblin King himself. He has a broad face with high cheekbones and a prominent jaw (and wart), and large pointed ears.

Goblin King

He wears a studded vest (through which his tummy protrudes), sleeves, baggy pantaloons, and a collared cape. His feet are booted, his head is crowned, his ears have earrings, and a strap secures the sword whose hilt he clasps.

Also in the set are three Goblin chieftains - useful as the King's retinue, or I imagine they could be sub-commanders.

Goblin chieftain

This first chieftain looks more like a bodyguard to me than a leader - or maybe he's just a stalwart defender. He wears a simple belted tunic with a pouch in front. His boots are plain, his helmet is studded, and he has a scale neckguard.

Goblin chieftain

Now, this fellow looks like he's leading someone! (Thanks to his "leaning forward" posture and foot placement.) He's also (for a Goblin) well dressed, with a belted tunic over some kind of undershirt (we can see the sleeves). There are two pouches on his belt, plus an empty sheath and another one (for a knife?) under his shield arm; the belt ends in a tassle or decoration. Like the previous chieftain, he has plain boots and a scale neckguard - however, his helmet is smooth except for a ridge on top, has cheekplates, and looks to tie under his chin.

Goblin chieftain

The last of the chieftains has a great pose, as if we've caught him in mid-grunt before leading the charge. He's equipped pretty much the same as the previous chieftain (OK, he's got one more pouch and no knife...)

(I've not photographed the backs of the figures, as there's nothing to see - just tunics or a cape...)

Assembled goblins

The figures have a minor seam here or there, but nothing major to fix. The swords easily attach to the open hands (perfectionists may want to make the hands look more "closed" afterwards). Likewise, the shields easily attach to the (mostly) protruding hands. And I ended up with a shield and two swords left over for my bits box.

Goblin King measures 23mm from bottom of feet to eye-level, and 25mm to top of crown. The chieftains measure 21/22mm to eye-level, and 25/26mm to top of helmet.