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Tracked Heavy Automata

Tracked Heavy Automata (2)
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SheriffLee writes:

I think these are from the '80s Laserburn/Imperial Commander Era. I order a set and now of three for my Mechiod army for Beam Strike. I really like them for their "old style of miniature". They fit right in with my 15mm Imperial Dreadnaught miniatures. Or I should will be fighting my Imperial Dreadnaught Army of which I have 32 DNs.

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29 October 2009page first published

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With these models - to be used as Heavy Droids in my Mechanoids army - I've completed a starter army of my own design for Alien Squad Leader.

Heavy Tracked Automata

These models come in four pieces: torso, tracked bottom, and two arms.

Heavy Tracked Automata

The torso and track unit attach by means of a large metal pin, but you'll need gap-filling glue if you want a gapless join. The torso can be posed to face any direction - and in fact, there's nothing to tell which way is "supposed" to be the front.

Heavy Tracked Automata

The arms glue into a socket under the shoulders, and I think there are separate right and left arms, with slightly different pins and corresponding holes - but it was hard to tell, and I had more of one arm type than the other.

If seams on robots bother you, then you may want to file away some of the casting seams - I just tried to make them a little less obvious.

Heavy Tracked Automata

My painting technique was simple, designed to match the previous models, and to hide some of the flaws in these sculpts: prime back, drybrush gunmetal, then drybrush silver. The tracks were painted charcoal grey, and the wheels were painted gunmetal. The "eyes" in the face were painted light blue, and I made a stab at picking out some of the arm "lights" with the same color. The top of the head unit was painted silver.

Heavy Tracked Automata

Meanwhile, I prepared steel bases by priming them, painting them tan, and then gluing sand on them. The finished models were glued down to these bases.

Heavy Tracked Automata

The finished model measures 35mm tall, and about 30mm long (from gun barrel tips to back of tracks). It's also a good chunk of metal, and feels like a Heavy Droid when you move it on the game table. I've also managed to drop two of them so far, and so far, the torso/track joint bends but doesn't break! (Can you spot the "battered" automata above?)