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Salvaged 15mm Half-Orcs on Boars

Half-Orcs Mounted with Spear (5 figures)
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$5 USD

Half-Orc Mounted Command (3 figures)
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ppecena writes:

The old Jacobite 15mm fantasy figures are still available. They are sold by "Elite Wargames and Models". I ordered some a few months ago. It took a while for them to arrive, but they were excellent castings considering the age of the original sculpts.

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23 November 2019page first published

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Personal logo Editor in Chief Bill The Editor of TMP Fezian writes:

How far would you go to 'save' or 'rehabilitate' old or outdated minis from your lead pile?

The minis you're seeing in this article are 15mm Half-Orcs from the old Jacobite fantasy line. This range has long been unavailable, with varying claims about who owns the rights.

The problem with these particular minis is that the spears were so bendy that they broke off. So what do I do with unpainted minis with broken-off spears?

I thought about replacing the spears, but when I tried to drill out the hands… well, it didn't go well.

So I thought – hey, it's just a game! I'll cut-down the spears, call them javelins, and go from there!

So I prepped the figures and sent them off to our friends in Sri Lanka, Fernando Enterprises, with these instructions:

Lime-green skin. Hair: black. Clothing/boots: browns and grays. Armor: Black/dark gray. Chainmail/weapons: dull metallic. Belts: red. Weapon shafts: red. Eyes: red. Horns on helmets: white. Dark-looking army. Shields (only) gloss. Pikes are red with metallic tips. Shield is black with red center, red rays from center. Boars see photo enclosed.

When the painted figures came back from the painting service, I attached them to Mighty Armies 2" x 2" bases (painted green), contoured and flocked the bases, and added LITKO FlexSteel to the bottom (for magnetic storage).

Mounted Half-Orcs

I had one command figure from another pack (also missing a weapon!), so I made an optional command stand with him leading some warriors.

Mounted Half-Orcs

Mounted Half-Orcs

I had another figure that no longer had any weapon at all. I started to convert him to a bannerbearer, thought better of it, and now he's an optional commander too (with a fist!).

Mounted Half-Orcs

The Half-Orcs are riding giant boars:

Mounted Half-Orcs

Mounted Half-Orcs

The Half-Orcs in this range have a distinctive face:

Mounted Half-Orcs

Sadly, the painters didn't do the 'rays' I wanted on the shields. I probably should have included a sketch of what I wanted.

Mounted Half-Orcs

I think the painters did a fine job on what are truly some 'old school' minis!

Mounted Half-Orcs

These figures will never win any awards, but hey – my Half-Orc army is growing! grin

Mounted Half-Orcs

Arm's length is what counts, right?