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Skull Hordes

Skull Hordes
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(We thought this pack would be easy to identify - look, it has a product label on it! However, there is no such pack listed in the company's catalog. Hmmmm...)

If you don't already know, what's different about Inferno is that there's a clear size differential on the tabletop between the three classes of fighting units - Hordes, Lieutenants, and Archfiends. The tiniest guys are Hordes, and I do mean tiny. They fit five to a 3/4"-square base, and stand about 7mm tall from foot to top of the head. A pack contains enough figures to make five stands' worth.

The little guys come on a round base (designed to slip into the circular indentations on the stands). We found six varieties in our pack, differing by weapon type: bow, sword-and-whip, halberd, spear, and battleaxe. Our pack was heavy on bows and whips and short on battleaxes, but the mix is probably random for each pack. Given the scale, there's not a lot of detail on the figures, but enough to tell that they are skeletal warriors. The bowmen have capes, and the axemen have shields.

The stands had some minor flash, which was easily removed, and one stand was completely warped and needed to be flattened (again, easily fixed). All of the figures have little sprue bits which need to be knocked off, and the bottom of the bases need to be filed if you want them to sit flush on their stands. The whips extend below the tops of the bases, making it harder to fit these figures into the stands. Most of the halberdiers needed to be straightened out, which required more pressure than we were comfortable with, but all survived. Two figures were miscast (a stunted sword, and a pike with no head). There were visible seams on some of the figures - on the bows, on the crown of one figure's head - but at this scale, they didn't detract.

The effect is pretty dramatic, when you pose these Hordes next to an Archfiend - his toes are bigger than these skeletons! Pretty wild.

7mm tall, mounted five on a 3/4"-square base

(You'll be tempted to glue these boys down to their bases right away, but if you plan to do more than spray paint them white, you'll find it easier if you glue them down later.)