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32mm Fallout Gen 2 Synths

Fallout: Institute Core Box
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13 August 2020page first published

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unknown member writes:

I've been working my way through the Fallout: Institute Core Box. Last month, I shared pictures of how the four low-level Synths turned out for me, and the month before that, I showed how the scientist painted up. Now it's time for the final two figures I'm painting from this set: the level-2 Synths.

Level-2 Synths

According to the box, Synths are some form of synthetic lifeform. There are two high-level Synths in the boxed set, which differ form other Synths primarily by being bulkier, and their guns have what looks like a scope or sighting mechanism.

Level-2 Synths

Each figure comes on its own sprue, including scenic base. They are cast from a flexible resin, and require assembly (easy). There are no posing options. Use a sharp hobby knife to trim away any wispy bits of excess resin. I did not wash my figures before priming, and I had trouble with paint adhesion; I recommend giving them a quick wash in soapy water!

Level-2 Synth

The box art shows two different color schemes for the body/suit: bluish gray or yellowish off-white. I chose to go with gray, though my version turned out quite a bit darker than the box art.

Level-2 Synth

I primed with black, which made the gray suit easier to do, but made the gun harder; if I had it to do again, I'd prime white instead. (The bulge on the base is from where the scenic base attaches to the sprue. I filed it down but didn't eliminate it.)

Level-2 Synth

The figure was drybrushed dark and light gray, and then washed with black ink. It's funny the things you see when you take close-up photos: there's a bit of resin on the red part of the gun that I missed removing!

Level-2 Synth

The rest of the figure was painted the same as for the previous Synths. I'm not a big fan of scenic bases as they never look right on the tabletop, but they're fun to paint – just apply basic colors, and use brown and black washes until you're happy.

Level-2 Synth

The other Synth is designed to be stepping up onto some barrel. As you can see, I got the firing 'dot' painted on the guns this time!

Level-2 Synth

I slapped FlexSteel on the base bottoms, so the figures will stick to magnet-lined storage boxes. The bases are slightly undersized (29mm instead of 30mm), so I had to trim the FlexSteel to fit. I had some problems getting the FlexSteel to stick – because I didn't wash the figures? because the bases aren't flat on the bottom? – but nothing a few drops of superglue wouldn't cure.

Level-2 Synth

I used a silver marker to put some bright scratch marks on the barrel – probably overdone!

Level-2 Synth

So that's how my Level-2 Synths turned out, using basic painting techniques. Hope you found this useful!