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Refurbished Skulks

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unknown member writes:

Hmmm. They would make good gargoyles. Or byakee for horror games.

I guess the MageKnight stuff is out of stores nowadays but I'll keep an eye for those.

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unknown member writes:

These fantasy critters recently crossed my workbench for a little upgrade, so I thought I'd throw some pictures up. I don't think they've been featured on TMP before.


These are Skulks from the old Mage Knight game. I never played the game, but I gather they are intended as weak, 'nuisance'-type monsters.


Years ago, I pried these off their click-bases and put them on steel disks. Now they've come back to my workbench, and I've updated the bases using Stucco Crack Repair.


This is the basic Skulk. It's just a skinny flying creature with enormous hands and a rude tongue. And maybe a loincloth.


And this is the rear view.


Since all of these plastic pre-painted figures are identical, the key to getting variety is to re-pose them. As you can see above, after using a hair drier on the figure, you can carefully move the wings to a new position, and usually they will stay that way once the figure cools off.

Or if you're feeling adventurous, you can try using the microwave – but be careful, or you'll get a smelly, melted mess!

I was intending these for use in DungeonCrawls, but on second thought, those wings make them hard to fit into corridors. So maybe they'll end up as wilderness monsters…