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Demonworld 15mm Orc Slayers

Orc Slayers
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Personal logo Editor in Chief Bill The Editor of TMP Fezian writes:

I've begun thinking about adding some extra troops to the TMP Dwarf forces for Mighty Armies. Fortunately, I had on hand some Orc Slayers which our friends at Old Guard Painters painted up for us!

These figures are from the Demonworld line, available from Ral Partha Europe. You can buy the 32-figure pack, which includes command figures; or you can buy the ten-figure warriors pack and three-figure command pack. The 32-figure size matches the original size of units in the Demonworld game, but the smaller sizes are more convenient for games where fewer figures are needed per unit.

In my case, I have the 32-figure set… which turned out to be a 36-figure set by a stroke of luck.

I did the basing myself, using the plastic Mighty Armies bases from Rebel Minis (which I've become fond of – the bases, that is). The bottoms are lined, for storage purposes, with Litko's FlexSteel product.

Now, I happen to be assembling five double-size Dwarf armies – one for each of the staff members here at TMP. I'm color-coding the bases for my own sanity, and also because I think color-coding the bases helps newbies see which figures are in which army.

The idea is to eventually provide each editor with two armies ('their' army and an 'enemy' army), so that they can play against an opponent who is viewing the battle via a camera. Each editor will have a unique army of their own, but all of the 'enemy' armies will be Dwarves.

Orc Slayers are an elite unit, so I decided to have two units per army set. Plus there's a spare command stand which isn't needed.

My Army

Orc Slayers command

I went with dark gray basing for my own army, as it reminds me of mountainous Dwarf fortresses. I also went with the new-style basing for Mighty Armies: three figures per base. I kept the command stand for myself, maybe it will come in handy someday…

Orc Slayers

That's my entire army so far, I'll finish this one last.

Editor Julia's Army

Orc Slayers

Here I've tried to match the green coloring of the army Editor Julia already has. Her army has the old-style basing: four figures per base. She has two armies: her own Orcs and Goblins, and her enemy Dwarves.

Number of figures per base has no game effect in Mighty Armies; it is just cosmetic. The original army sets were designed for four figures per base; the newer army sets are designed for three figures per base.

Editor Gwen's Army

Orc Slayers

The Dwarf army for Personal logo Editor Gwen The Editor of TMP is complete, but I haven't shipped it out yet because she is planning to move. It was easy to match the new units with the light gray bases and four figures per base. The Dwarves will be the enemies to Gwen's barbarians (which she doesn't have yet).

Editor Hebber's Dwarves

Orc Slayers

Most of the base colors I've used for armies have either been bright colors, shades of green, or black. For this army, knowing the Dwarves would be 'the bad guys' in the campaign, I decided to try a dark red color.

Editor Hebber already has an Amazon army, and the rest of her Dwarf army has been painted and just needs me to base it (at three figures per base).

Editor Dianna's Dwarves

Orc Slayers

This was another experiment, as I realized that I had never tried a metallic base color… and gold seemed rather appropriate for Dwarves!

Personal logo Editor Dianna The Editor of TMP will eventually have a Dark Elves army to fight against a Dwarven army; both are awaiting painting.

One More Thing

Giant Eagle with Orc Slayers

Some of you might remember this Giant Eagle, which was featured years ago on TMP – it was originally from a dollar store! I've rebased this one to add to the Dwarves for Personal logo Editor Gwen The Editor of TMP to fight against.

Orc Slayers

I'm not thrilled with the stack of boulders which the Giant Eagle apparently travels with, but I like the idea that he's looking down as if ready to pounce.