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This "big boy" comes in 7 pieces: upper body, lower body, head, two arms, and two wings. He was a "flying angel" and a fighter, and after the Fall he maintains some of his former powers. Gurzon wears laquered armor, and carries a spear of remarkable power. He's wide-shouldered, bow-legged, clawed, and wears various disjointed pieces of armor. His face is concealed by an armor mask, except for a lower jaw - and lots of needle-sharp teeth.

According to the game's art, Gurzon is purplish with a tan belly,and wears red-enameled and gilded armor.

The parts are, for the most part, flash-free and seamless. On the head, perfectionists should watch out for sprue bits on nose and jaw, two tiny fins on the back of the neck (ours needed straightening), and the inside of the helmet horns looks incomplete (we did some trim work there, but it's almost unreachable - and hard to see, so you might not bother).

The upper and lower body fit perfectly, as does the head to the body (if you rotate it properly, it fits seamlessly). The wings attach next - note that the connecting pins have a mark showing the correct orientation, so try each wing on both sides until you get a good fit (our left wing joint needed some trimming before the wing would settle into it). The arms then connect to the wings - the spear-arm goes on the right. Both arms fit perfectly, if you'll keep rotating them until you find the right spot.

(Due to the complexity of the figure, we think you should consider painting portions of the figure before assembly.)

113mm tall (due to raised wings)