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Basic Game: The Rules

Dungeons & Dragons Basic Game
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This set is designed to get players playing - fast.

After opening the box, and getting past some cardboard spacers and the pre-painted figures, you come to a sheet titled READ THIS FIRST - and it gives quick instructions for getting started.

Double-sided character sheets are provided for four Heroes
  • Pick a Dungeon Master and give him the First Adventure Book
  • everyone else pick a character sheet
  • the players can read the Quick Start Rules, if they like (this isn't mentioned on the sheet, but is suggested on the cover of the Advanced Rule Book)
  • break out the pre-painted figures and map tiles
First Adventure booklet

The somewhat-misnamed First Adventure Book is a 10-page digest-sized booklet describing the first two rooms of a starter dungeon, and provides enough rules to get through the players' first combat. (If the players wish to continue the adventure, the dungeon description continues in the Advanced Rule Book).

Quick Start Rules booklet

Also in this boxed set is the Quick Start Rules booklet, a six-page digest-sized booklet providing a summary of the movement and combat rules.

Rules example

Besides continuing the adventure, the 64-page full-size Advanced Rule Book provides a Basic Player's Handbook (a condensed version of the Player's Handbook), a cursory Basic Dungeon Master's Guide (six pages of advice and tables, plus the sample dungeon), and a Basic Monster Manual (stats for all of the pre-painted monsters). The booklet's rear cover contains a fold-out with perforated stat cards for all of the miniatures.

Advanced Rule Book