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POL.2 - Infantry Command (Helmet)

Infantry Command (Helmet)
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The pack consists of eight figures - two instances each of four unique figures. According to the catalogue, half of the figures are officers, and the other half are NCO's (non-commissioned officers). (Our guess is that the NCO's are the ones with rifles.)

command pack

For purposes of this review, we'll identify the four figures as: officer with rifle, officer with pistol, officer with binoculars, and pointing officer.

The officer with rifle has an interesting pose - it's as if he's advancing, but has paused for just a moment to encourage his men to follow. His left arm is not supporting the rifle, but waving to his men. He wears the chapska. Both of our samples had minor flash under the rifle butt, and an odd nick in the cap (easily patched).

The officer with pistol is the most active in this lot, running forward, pointing with his left hand, holding a pistol pointing skyward in his other hand - is he threatening to shoot his own men? A fun figure. Wears a helmet, has knee-high boots. Slight seam runs across helmet and face.

The officer with binoculars is calmly taking in his surroundings. He is dressed a bit better than the others, including wide "riding"-type pants and knee-high boots. Visible seam on the right side cuts across pants and elbow.

pointing officer

The pointing officer carries both a rifle (slung over his shoulder) and a full backpack. His pose is rather wooden, with his left arm pointing and his right hand next to his mouth (he's probably shouting, but might be playing with a moustache...?). Minor seam runs across top of chapska; pointing arm also has visible seams.

One oddity about this pack: The manufacturer titles this set as "Infantry Officers (Helmets)," but only the officer with pistol wears a helmet. The other three wear the Polish chapska.

various Polish infantry figures

This scene, with figures painted by the manufacturer, shows command figures mixed in with Polish infantry.

The officer with rifle is 19mm tall from the bottom of his feet to the top of his cap. The officer with pistol is 18mm tall to top of his helmet (21mm overall). The officer with binoculars is 19mm tall. The pointing officer is 19mm tall to top of his cap, and 20mm tall overall.