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15mm Soviet LMG Teams from Peter Pig

Russian LMGs
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quidveritas Inactive Member writes:

I have some of these. I went with the prone positions for most of my units. Makes them easy to identify in 15mm.

Frankly most WWII 15mm figs are pretty good. What I like about Peter Pig is that I can buy just a few to fill in the gaps.


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These Soviet LMG teams have been provided by Peter Pig, painted by Old Guard Painters, and based and photographed here at TMP.

Soviet LMG teams, marching

There are eight figures in each pack, and four poses: a set of LMG gunner and assistant, walking and prone.

Soviet LMG team, marching
Soviet LMG team, marching (side)

Somehow, we ended up with two more gunners than assistants, in the marching poses.

Soviet LMG teams, prone
Soviet LMG team, prone (front)
Soviet LMG team, prone (side)
Soviet LMG teams, prone