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RI04 Russian Infantry Command

Russian Infantry Command
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2 January 2001new pack available
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Our sample pack contained twenty figures, with two or three instances each of eight unique poses. This pack, still available in stores, is the old pack that is no longer being manufactured. The new pack of Russian Command figures is numbered W21-R404, and is remastered.

For purposes of this review, we'll group them as: sitting/kneeling figures, running figures, and waving figures.

The figures in this pack appear to represent the Soviet Army from 1943 to the end of the war, due to the presence of shoulder tabs (re-introduced in 1943). Some notes about Soviet officer uniforms in this period:

  • Shoulder tabs represent sergeant rank or higher.
  • The officer's gymnastiorka (shirt) has two pockets; the enlisted men's version has no pockets.
  • The pilotka sidecap is theoretically worn by enlisted men, but photos show numerous exceptions.
  • Officers generally wear a wide "Sam Browne"-type belt.
kneeling command figures

There are three sitting/kneeling poses in the pack (8 total figures). From left to right in the photo above, we'll identify them as:

  • kneeling with SMG (3 in pack) - Kneeling on one leg, next to a small box (ammo bin?). Holds submachinegun in both hands. Wears pilotka sidecap, pocket-less blouse (with shoulder boards), boots. Canteen attached to narrow waist belt; dispatch case hanging from shoulder belt.

    Figure has a nice, natural pose, although it seems to be specifically posed to be used with the radio figure (see below) - since this figure looks to be talking to another figure even lower than it is.

    The guns, which look delicate, arrived in perfect (unbent) condition with all of our samples. Slight seams are visible down the sides. Some areas of the uniform look "chiseled" rather than draped.

  • kneeling and waving (2 in pack) - Kneeling one leg, holding left arm up as if waving troops forward. Wears pilotka cap, pocket-less blouse with pre-43 style collar and shoulder tabs, dispatch case hanging on shoulder belt, wide waist belt with flask, pistol holster under right hand, boots.

    The pose is a little stiff, and the gesturing hand seems flat with short fingers.

    Both of our samples had flash problems involving the left arm and back of the head. There's also a problem behind the right arm - one of our figures had excess flash here, while the other had a gap missing in the shoulder belt. One sample had a long tap on the ride side of the head (easily removed).

  • sitting with radio (3 in pack) - Figure is sitting on the ground, with right knee raised. Left hand is on the mouth (holding microphone), while right hand steadies radio. Wears headphones over pilotka, blouse with shoulder boards, dispatch case with belt over shoulder, wide waist belt with flask/sack, boots.

    Interesting pose nicely done, though it may not always look appropriate to be sitting down on the battlefield. When painting, don't forget the left boot (tucked under the figure).

    Two of our samples had flash on the radio or shoulders (easily removed).

running command figures

There are two running poses in the pack (5 total figures). From left to right in the photo above, we'll identify them as:

  • running and pointing (2 in pack) - Figure is hurrying forward, and is either pointing (my best guess) or firing a pistol. Holds submachinegun in right arm. Wears Model 1940 helmet, pocket-less blouse with shoulder tabs, rolled-up coat or cape, dispatch case on shoulder strap, wide belt with canteen and sack/flask, books.

    Natural, active pose. Coat/cape roll ends in unusual "tassle" texture.

    One of samples had a miscast SMG (no barrel). Both had minor flash or visible seams throughout.

running command figures - another view
  • running (3 in pack) - Angled figure gives the appearance of running at full tilt, with legs pumping. Wears peaked cap, two-pocketed blouse with shoulder tabs, dispatch case on shoulder strap, narrow belt with buckle, pistol holster under left hand, boots.

    Nice to see an officer hustling once in a while, particularly one who appears to be of a slightly higher rank than others in this pack. Cap seems to lack bill, however. Left hand seems overlarge.

    One of our samples had a mold mismatch, causing a lip across the top of the cap (but no other defects). Small amount of flash in-between the legs.

waving command figures

There are three waving poses in the pack (7 total figures). From left to right in the photo above, we'll identify them as:

  • waving w/submachinegun (2 in pack) - Holds SMG at rest, looking back and waving troops onwards. Wears Model 1940 helmet, pocket-less blouse with shoulder tabs, dispatch case on shoulder strap, boot. Narrow belt with sack/flask, pouch (ammo pouch?), and entrenching tool.

    Gun barrel is sturdy enough to be suitable for gaming. Right hand is a bit indistinct.

    Visible seams on helmet, arms, legs.

  • waving and marching (2 in pack) - Figure marching forward, looking to right and waving. Right hand is either pointing or (my best guess) holding a pistol. Wears sidecap, pocket-less blouse with shoulder tabs, narrow belt with pistol holster, boots. Strap-less dispatch case held in right hand.

    Pose seems stiff, and right arm looks too fluid. Button fly on blouse is accentuated, in contrast to not being visible on other figures in the pack. There is either a strap or cable running from the figure's collar to the right hand/pistol, or that's a heavy seam...

    Visible seams or flash on legs and shoulders.

  • pointing with map (3 in pack) - Pointing officer, using map/tablet as reference. Wears sidecap, two-pocketed blouse with shoulder tabs, dispatch case on shoulder strap, narrow belt with pistol holster and small case, boots.

    Natural pose, and good to see that someone knows how to use a map. :-)

    Two of our samples had miscast bases, but still sufficient to anchor the miniature to a gaming base. All of our samples had mold mismatch problems, with the left arm in particular; also some flash and seam problems - will take some file work to dress up.