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1 - Stalingrad Apartment Components

Stalingrad Apartment Building
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The Stalingrad Apartment Building consists of 58 parts which must be assembled (and painted) to produce the final building.

wall pieces

The outer shell of the building is provided by fourteen wall pieces - five in the front, a similar but not identical set of five in the back, and two pieces for each of the building ends.

floor pieces

There are also a dozen "floor" pieces, which are used for the floors of the second and third stories. The pieces are inscribed with a plank pattern. Openings are for staircase access between floors.

other pieces

Finally come a host of miscellaneous pieces - six roof pieces, eight chimney pieces (forming four chimneys), a dozen interior walls (some with doorways), three staircases, and three small rubble piles.

(Note that the kit does not include a base piece or ground floor. Gamers desiring these features should be prepared to scratch-build their own.)