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Swordlord's Entry for Intimidation Doubled

Amazon Warrior Mounted
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The Black Tower Inactive Member writes:

Great flesh tones and a very good face,

Iit is amazing how many good yet very different styles of painting can be made from the bushes of talented artists and all from just one figure!

The horse sculpt looks a bit like "My little pony"!

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14 October 2009page first published

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TheMasterworkGuild Inactive Member presents his Intimidation Doubled entry:

In all honesty, I found 'horse lady' a difficult figure to paint!

When the package arrived, I was pretty excited... however, after putting her together, I wasn't initially impressed.

I raised the body of the horse to make it look more like it was galloping, and added pin support under one of the legs. I didn't like the position of her sword arm, and brought that forward.

It took me quite a while to even start the painting task. It then proceeded in dribs and drabs. Other things on my painting table seemed to get priority!

I still don't feel much affinity for the figure. I guess my painting shall remain just a hobby for me, because I see now, how difficult it must be to have to paint things you really don't feel like painting!

I wanted to try to contrast a dark horse colour against the pale flesh of a woman. I don't think I executed it amazingly, but I was pleased with her subtle make-up.

I hope you like it. I think it's a bit of an average paint job, hampered by my lack of excitement regarding the figure.

Horse lady
Horse lady
Horse lady