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POL.4 - Infantry H.M.G.'s (Helmet)

Infantry H.M.G.'s (Helmet)
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This pack contains two complete HMG (heavy machinegun) teams. Each team consists of three unique figures, plus the two parts which form the HMG.

HMG team

The three figures in each set can be roughly identified as the firer, the loader, and the observer.

The firer is in a sitting position, with his legs straddling the HMG and his paired hands raised to hold the end of the gun. There's a visible seam along the sides of the figure and the back of the helmet. Our samples had minor flash under the arms.

The loader figure lies prone, with his hands grasping a box from which ammunition snakes out to the machinegun. There are barely visible seams along the sides of the figure.

The observer is kneeling, looking through binoculars. A rifle is slung on his back. This figure wears a nicely creased cap, rather than a helmet or chapska. Both of our samples had extensive flash under the right arm, but it looks to be easily corrected with a sharp hobby knife.

Firer is 12mm tall (due to pose). Loader is 22mm long. Observer is 15mm tall from bottom of boots to top of cap.

both parts of the HMG

The HMG itself comes in two parts - the gun and one leg, and another piece with two more legs. The legs are almost hair thin. With pieces this delicate, it's not surprising to have minor seams and nubs - but only purists will try to "clean up" these miniscule parts.

The main piece consists of the gun itself, and the backwards leg of the tripod. The secondary piece has two spidery legs connecting to a grooved mount.

No assembly instructions are provided, but it would seem that the gun piece rests inside the groove of the other piece. The backwards leg fits inside the crotch of the firing figure, but take care to position the gun so that the hands are in contact with it.

The gun itself is 13mm long (not counting the tripod).

HMG team, as painted by manufacturer

HMG team, as painted up by the manufacturer.