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The Melees Mug

Melees Gloriosus Mug
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18 January 2000page first published

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photo courtesy of Melees Gloriosus

Looking for the perfect accoutrement when playing your next game of Melees Gloriosus? Look no further - the official mug is now available.

The purple ceramic mug holds roughly a cup-and-a-half of your favorite beverage, and says "Melees Gloriosus" in 24-karat gold between two wreaths and above the publisher's email address and phone number.

The photo above shows the version without the gold band...but this is sold out. The version with a gold band around the lip is still available, but they tell us that when stocks are out, that's it - they aren't reordering.

Wondering how to discover if your co-workers or fellow students have an interest in Ancients? Now you have the perfect conversation piece. When they ask, "Where did you get that lovely mug?" you can slyly reply, "It has to do with this game that I play..."