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Some Big Fantasy Dude

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Just you..though after I stifled you we're tied. Man! what is the issue with opinions on this site?! Jesum Crow, it's like we have to fall in line or get lambasted.

Sorry Dilettante…didn't mean to speak out of turn.
oh yes, you can't see the sarcasism.

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I am inordinately proud to present to you - some big fantasy dude:

Some big fantasy dude

Now, I don't claim that this is the best figure in the world, or that the paintjob is anything special (though I did use multiple washes and highlights...). Rather, this is a very old figure that has been on my workbench forever and I am mightily glad to have finally finished him!

Some big fantasy dude from behind

I'm not even sure what this figure is, though if memory serves, he comes from the 15mm Jacobite fantasy line currently produced by Stronghold Miniatures. [Correction: He comes from Evil Gong, another of my favorite 15mm fantasy lines.] From the style of the clothing, I think he might represent a Sumerian god of some kind.

Size comparison

As you can see, he towers over a 15mm Dwarf. (He is 26mm from foot to eye-level.)

I gave him red skin to make him look sufficiently non-human. I'm not sure if that thing on his head is a hat or a hairdo (but note that the severed head has the same 'do). He was originally on a green grassy base, but I thought better of that and - failing to remove the flock! - overpainted the flock and created a desert base.

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