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Gaso.line's 1/48th Scale German Tank Hunters

German Tank Hunters
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TankGuy Inactive Member writes:

I believe the smock camoflauge is an SS autumn scheme which I know I have seen before and have an example of. Which scheme though escapes me but I think it is an early one. The black with white spots may also be from an early interpretation of a black and white picture where pea green looks like white.

Still looking.


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I've just received from Quarter-Kit-Model Shop a sample of Gaso.line's new Master Fighter line of pre-painted 1/48th scale figures - namely, the German Tank Hunters - Normandy Summer 1944 set.

German Tank Hunters box set

The front (top?) of the box displays a color photo of the two figures inside. Within the box, the figures are cushioned in custom-cut foam. (Although, despite this precaution, one of our samples unfortunately had a bent stick-grenade.)

Inside the box

One figure is standing, armed with grenades (one in his hand, another tucked in his boot - a nice touch).

Soldier with grenades

The painting is detailed, giving individual colors for instance to different equipment items, and painting all of the various straps. The mouth is handled with a subtle touch of pink/purple. However, the painting isn't perfect - some of the black from the boots strays onto the pants legs, and our sample's nose has a tiny chip in the paint.

Soldier with grenades (back)

The second figure is kneeling, armed with a larger anti-tank weapon.

Kneeling soldier

Our sample was painted to a higher standard than the standing figure - including distinct eyeballs, no significant paint "strays," and an interesting facial scar. (Though perhaps the lips are a bit too colorful.)

Kneeling soldier (front)

Both figures have a satin finish (not glossy).

Kneeling soldier

The bases are painted in a two-tone scheme, with a rough texture on top. The bottoms are featureless (not even a manufacturer's mark).

The standing figure measures 31mm from foot to eye-level; the kneeling figure is 25mm from ground to top of helmet.