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POL.1 - Infantry Skirmishing (Helmet)

Infantry Skirmishing (Helmet)
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4 December 2000page first published

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This pack consists of eight figures, all of which are unique. There is one prone figure, two kneeling figures, two walking figures wearing caps, and three walking figures wearing helmets.

infantry pack

The prone infantryman is a well-posed figure, with barely visible seams down the sides.

Of the two kneeling figures, one is firing, and the other is motioning. The kneeling firer is another good figure, minor seam on the helmet - but he is firing slightly down, which looks fine on a hilltop but odd most everywhere else. (To be honest, this won't be noticeable at normal gaming distances.) The kneeling motioner is also actively posed, in a forward kneel, with the right arm apparently indicating that it's safe to advance. He appears to have a fixed bayonet. Minor seams on helmet, arm; some flash beneath figure; bayonet seems too round.

There are two advancing figures wearing caps: one is firing, and the other is marching. Both caps are of the creased variety (not the chapska). The firing with cap figure appears to be making a cautious advanced - hunched over, rifle at the ready. The marching with cap figure seems to be walking less cautiously, rifle (with fixed bayonet) at a 45 degree angle, head thrown back (looking for snipers in buildings? watching for dive bombers?). Minor seams on sides; bayonet seems too round.

There are three advancing figures with helmets - one firing, one running, and one with fixed bayonet. The advance and fire figure has a dynamic pose, as if he's just raised his gun and taken a shot. Seam on helmet could be filed down. The advance and run figure is lumbering forward, with his rifle in a traveling position. Seams are barely visible. The advance with bayonet figure seems to be making a deliberate advance, as if having no enemy in sight but ready to stab any who might try to surprise him. Our sample had minor flash under the right arm and nubs on the gun (minor); right arm looks awkward.

various Polish infantry figures

This scene, with figures painted by the manufacturer, shows figures from this pack mixed in with command figures.

Prone infantryman is 20mm from bottom of feet to front of helmet; 29mm overall length. The kneeling figures are both 14mm tall. The walking figures are all 18mm tall to tops of their headgear, except the advance and fire figure which is 19mm tall.