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Stone Thrower

Stone Thrower
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Stone Thrower

The Stone Thrower is made up of three pieces:

  • A wheeled base, comprising two wooden beams connected by five cross-timbers, four wooden wheels, and a crank device at one end.
  • A crossbow/launcher, with a ramp-like piece that fits at the front of the wheeled base, a giant crossbow with taut cable, and a curved spoon-like firing arm.
  • a pile of ammunition (round balls with pits - giant fish eggs?)

This device is an unusual amalgam of ballista and catapult, and from a pure engineering standpoint, I'm not sure the device makes sense. But from a wargaming viewpoint, it does make an interesting device to place on the gaming table.

Assembly is straightforward, as the top piece fits over two of the crossbeams of the base platform. Which two crossbeams seems to be at the owner's preference, though - contrary to the picture above! - our sample fit best right at the front of the platform. (Remember to keep the crank at the rear, and to cement the crossbow level with the ground.)

Our sample had a visible but minor seam along the crossbow cable (easily cleaned up). The ammo spheres also had pits (on the end) and seams (on the sides), but that may have been intentional. The wheels suffer from some minor indentations and protrusions.

Wheeled base is 30mm long by 10mm wide, and stands 8mm high. The crossbow arm is 26mm wide. The ammo pile is roughly 12mm in diameter, and stands 6mm high.