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POL.5 - Infantry 46mm Mortars (Helmet)

Infantry 46mm Mortars (Helmet)
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4 December 2000page first published

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According to the catalogue (and the literature we received), this pack contains three mortar sets. Our sample contained only two sets - that's probably an error in packing and not in the catalogue.

46mm mortar team

Each mortar set consists of two figures - one holding the mortar, and one figure "standing by."

The figure holding the mortar is nicely detailed, includng the mortar itself - not a featureless tube (as you might have expected). There's a barely visible seam on the back of the helmet that you could file down.

The "standing by" figure is nicely posed, in a "leaning kneel" position. His right hand holds a mortar round, while his left hand is holding something too small to see at this scale. A small box lies on the ground next to his left foot. Our samples had barely visible seams on the helmet and left arm, and very minor nubs beneath the figure.

Figure with mortar is 14mm tall from bottom of boots to top of helmet; assistant figure is 15mm tall.