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The Outpost Poles

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4 December 2000page first published

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We've received the first seven packs in Outpost Wargame Services's new line of 15mm WWII Polish infantry. These are the Polish infantry of 1939, and allow you to fight battles when anti-tank rifles still had some use, and tanks weren't the armored behemoths they would become before the war's end.

kneeling infantry figure from POL.1 pack

The figures in these packs represent a variety of uniforms and combat gear. Common elements include puttees (strips of cloth wound spirally from ankle to knee) and pouch-laden belts.

close-up of infantry backpack

The chapska - a four-cornered cap - is a famous part of the Polish military uniform, though it is seen here only on officer figures. Most figures in these sets wear helmets, but some wear rounded or creased caps. The figure shown above wears a creased cap, as well as a distinctive style of backpack which is common in this set.

The first seven packs in the new 15mm Polish series are: