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The Filtered Knights of Chronopia

Desert Crusader Leader
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Desert Crusaders
(2 poses per pack)
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Desert Crusaders pack

The reinforcements have at last arrived! In the Land of Two Rivers supplement, Target introduced the wars of the Firstborn in the arid southern deserts of Chronopia. A major component of these armies, the Desert Crusaders, has now become available in miniature.

Here's what the background tells us about these troops:

To combat the severe climate conditions of the deserts, particularly its sandstorms, special units of knights have been employed. These have had their helmet designs modified to accomodate a filter system into the front part of their helms. Additionally, they have also had special combat training in the deserts. These knights are known as the Desert Crusaders and form a large part of the Firstborn desert army.

- Land of the Two Rivers, pg. 35

Their distinctive garb - flowing skirts, flowing cape - mark these figures as desert warriors, while the unusual "crenelated" look of the helms and shoulder pads are new but in keeping with the previous Firstborn style. The helmet filters are Darth Vader-esque "snout" units, adding a touch of the unique without being obtrusive.

picture courtesy of Target Games

As far as the rules are concerned, the Desert Crusaders have the advantage of being immune to the harsh conditions of the desert. While in the desert. they are more difficult to see (they have the Hide special ability). A warband consists of a leader plus 4-8 crusaders.

These 25/28mm figures can easily be put to use by non-Chronopia players, as there is nothing about the figures which prevents them from being used as generic desert knights. The only logo is on the shields, and this is an abstract crenelation-and-flame symbol that any army could use.

The available figures are: