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Micro Galleys

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This new line of 1:3600 scale ancient naval models is so small that you could almost play out a battle on the palm of your hand! Why so small? we asked. "The idea is that people can have a 1:1 ratio for battles, troop convoys, or naval landings which allows for simplified rules," replied Ellis Y. Alden of Outpost.

the fleet on a handful of change

It occurs to us that this "micro" scale of ships is also useful for:

  • boardgamers (these ships easily fit inside a 1" hexagon, and can be substituted for counters)
  • people looking for naval elements to go with small-scale Ancients armies (since you usually want ships that are several scales smaller than the troop figures)
  • those who prefer quick paint jobs (blue for the water, brown for the hull, white for the sails - let's play!)
  • those who want to field large navies on a budget
  • those whose naval games need to fit in a constricted space, such as a dinner table