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POL.7 - Infantry Anti-Tank Rifle

Infantry Anti-Tank Rifles
(Prone and Advancing)
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4 December 2000page first published

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There are four unique poses in this pack, and you get two of each pose, which works out to 8 figures in the pack. Half of the figures are prone; the other half are "advancing" (marching, with weapons on shoulder).

anti-tank rifle team

The two prone figures are a figure with an anti-tank rifle, and an observer figure (using binoculars).

The only problem we noted with the figures was that the anti-tank rifle for both our samples arrived bent. We suggest bending the bipod to its proper location, then straightening the gun barrel. (As the photo shows, we didn't quite get the rifle straight yet...)

There are minor but visible seams along the sides of both figures. We needed to trim very minor flash and nubs off the rifles of our samples.

prone AT team - photo courtesy of OWS

This illustration shows a prone AT team, as painted by the manufacturer.

Gunner is 19mm from toes to front of helmet; total length is 38mm. Observer is 21mm long.

marching soldier with helmet

One of the advancing figures is a clear match to the prone figure with the anti-tank rifle: He has the same uniform, same distribution of gear, and also wears a helmet.

There's a minor but visible seam running up the spine, across the helmet, and down the front. Our sample had minor flash under the right arm, and some nubs on the gun.

Advancing gunner is 18mm tall from boot bottom to top of helmet. Gun is 21mm long.

marching soldier with cap

The second advancing figure is a partial match to the "observer" prone figure - he wears the same clothing and equipment, except that the prone figure wears a helmet, and the marching figure wears a cap. (The cap is rounded, not the 4-cornered chapska.)

The erect figure's weapon is shorter than his companion's weapon, and is probably a standard rifle.

Seam is nearly invisible. The left side of the figure's head is indistinct, not clear where the hair leaves off and the ear begins.

advancing AT team - photo courtesy of OWS

The two figures on the right in this illustration are an advancing AT team, as painted by the manufacturer.

Advancing observer is 19mm tall from boot bottom to top of cap; total height is 25mm. Width is 9mm.