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Naughty Girl Being Spanked By Headmaster

Naughty Girl Being Spanked By Headmaster
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cameosis Inactive Member writes:

what rogzombie and mario zecca wrote. personally, i don't find the subject matter particularly interesting, either …


my question would be who has so far complained about the "mandatory" decapitated head in the hands of barbarian type minis with the same fervor that they attack this figure set? who has objected to all the sick gore and violence fantasies manifested in so many sculpts out there? oh well.

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In commenting on yesterday's article, Personal logo mmitchell Sponsoring Member of TMP Inactive Member remarked:

Okay, the girl to our far left looks like she's bending over... am I wrong for immediately thinking that it would be easy to do a conversion of her over Santa's knee getting a spanking?

Well, apparently great minds think alike... yes, the Santa Claws Gang line includes a special set, Naughty Girl Being Spanked By Headmaster.

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"Naughty Girl Being Spanked By Headmaster"

This has absolutely no connection with Christmas that I can think of, although it would lend itself to some strange wargaming scenarios...