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POL.6 - Infantry 81mm Mortars (Helmet)

Infantry 81mm Mortars (Helmet)
(2 sets in pack)
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This pack includes two complete mortar teams. Each team is composed of one mortar (two parts), and three unique figures.

mortar crew

The mortar team is made up of figures which can be roughly identified as a person loading the mortar, a person handling ammo, and a person who is supervising.

The loading figure is nicely posed, and is a perfect match for the mortar (he can be positioned dropping a round down the tube). Our samples had minor flash inside the arms.

The ammo handler is kneeling, holding a round of ammunition cradled in both hands. Our samples had minor seams across the helmet that you might want to file down.

The supervisor stands in a relaxed pose, with right arm outstretched as if about to give the loader a pat on the back. Instead of a helmet, he wears a sharply creased cap (not a chapska). Our only (very minor!) criticisms of the figure are that the sides of the head are indistinct, and the cap seems to project too far to the rear.

Loader is 18mm tall from boot bottom to top of helmet. Handler is 14mm tall (due to pose). Supervisor is 18mm tall.

two pieces of the 81mm mortar

The mortar consists of two pieces.

The main piece is the mortar tube and its rectangular baseplate. The tube is surprisingly well detailed for this scale, with good sharp edges. Our samples needed to be straightened, but this was easily accomplished; there is also a seam and some nubs that can be cleaned up.

The smaller piece provides the bracing for the mortar, and is a flat piece with three lower legs joining below a single support. Two of the legs are connected with a cross-brace. These delicate pieces are obviously difficult to mold; purists may want to fix visible seams and trim nubs.

The pack does not come with instructions, so some guesswork is in order when assembling the mortar. The mortar tube piece has a hole where the brace piece obviously attaches, but you'll need further reference material to know which direction to flip the brace piece.

(But if you get it wrong, at this scale, who can tell? The cross-brace is the only give-away, and it'll probably be hidden when flocking your base, right?)

Gun tube is 12mm long. Baseplate is 6mm deep by 7mm wide. Brace is 9mm long.

81mm mortar team, as painted by manufacturer

81mm mortar team, as painted up by the manufacturer.