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The Budela

The Budela
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These creatures are some of the most foul things you'll find - forged from the essences of the obscenely fat, and aged into putresence like some fine wine. They emerge like maggots from the fetid mire of the Third Circle. These figures are mannish ghouls, rotting flesh clothed in decaying rags, but with bird-like feet and a horned animal skull. They are armed with axe and mace.

Picture courtesy Global Games

These are complex figures (2 in each pack), so be sure to knock off all the sprue bits (necessary in the design of the figure). You'll want to cut off the brace between the mace and the hip - with the right tools, you can do this easily, leaving only a slight smooth spot on the hip.

This is really an outstanding figure, on account of originality, animation in the pose, and level of detail.

37mm tall (including horns)